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What is I'm Awake! Now What?

"I'm Awake! Now What?" is for those who have awoken, are awakening, are learning, and are committed to staying awake, and are looking for guidance, inspiration, networks, friends, and business structures that create a heart-coherent world.

Priorities of "I'm Awake! Now What?":

1. Form a relationship with themselves where the inner world of heart-based wholeness is the lens through which they perceive reality so they can thrive no matter what challenges come up in life. Through meditation, we create health, healing, and the best versions of ourselves.

2. Form healthy relationships with others from a place of heart-based wholeness and as the energy forms we all are.

3. Create communities, relationships, business structures, music, art, and social support systems based on an internal state of heart coherence.

It is for wellness seekers and meditators who want to learn how to reach their potential as quickly as possible, overcome limiting aspects of self, and create a visionary brighter world for all.

~When passionate people begin to network in this way, we can literally change and heal our world faster than we can imagine.

~If you know of others who you feel would resonate with the objective of this group, please invite them to become a part of it with us all.

The Fight to Enlight: Initiation Through the Heart is the Only Way to Win

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